About the company

Events-Ready Ltd. is a company specialized in providing individual solutions for complete equipment for professionals in the field of organizing, conducting and securing events.

Our team has many years of experience in working with professional technical equipment, sound and conference systems. Our company works with both private clients and government institutions. We have also equipped a number of hotel halls with the full range of necessary technical equipment for conducting seminars and conference meetings. Events-Ready Ltd. offers the sale of equipment with delivery and installation. You can count on us for the complete equipment of your halls and always professional individual solutions. Events-Ready Ltd. offers preparation of complete projects for complex equipment of conference and hotel halls and congress centers. We offer complete equipment for classrooms, halls and interactive educational halls. Delivery, installation and commissioning of the technical equipment.

We have many years of experience in organizing events of a different nature. We perform event management from A to Z.
We work with proven partners and subcontractors professionals in the field of technical provision of events and activities, catering companies offering equipment and services of the highest level, printing agencies and agencies for floral decoration and decoration, transport agencies, hotels throughout the country and locations for special events.

We work with the best professional interpreters for simultaneous and consecutive interpretation, as well as for the translation of technical, advertising documentation and event materials.

You can count on us for professional advice, solutions and equipment for events, conferences and presentations, parties and weddings, festivals and sports tournaments, exhibitions and expositions, hotels and event centers, catering companies and companies offering services in the field of organization and provision of events of a different nature.

Reference issued by “Central Election Commission” according to the contract, for the supply, installation and start-up of a digital discussion microphone system and sound equipment, performed by the company Events-Ready Ltd.

Recommendation from Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Bulgaria issued with thanks to the company Events-Ready Ltd., for the complete re-equipment of the courtrooms with microphone systems, sound and video equipment

Certificate/Recommendation from
Vasil Levski National Sports Academy
issued to the company Events-Ready Ltd., related to the overall design, renovation and equipment of the halls in the buildings of the Academy

Reference issued by the “Electronic Media Council” in connection with the flawless execution of a contract for the complete renovation and re-equipment of a meeting hall, executed by the company Events-Ready Ltd.

Reference issued by V&P Residence Club in connection with a poet, from the company Events-Ready OOD, a commitment for the complete design and technical equipment of the newly built conference center of the Company in the town of Nessebar

Sale of professional equipment, equipment and solutions

We at Events-Ready are committed to the high quality of the offered services, equipment and complete solutions, selecting the most proven, worldwide manufacturers, products and materials.

✓ Sale and installation of conference equipment ✓ Preparation of complete projects for complex equipment of halls
✓ Delivery, installation and start-up of the technical equipment ✓ Equipment of conference, meeting and study rooms from A to Z

We carry out a preliminary inspection and consultation, on site.
✓ We take over the overall organization of the delivery, installation and commissioning of the sold machinery and equipment.
✓ We perform precise initial setup and staff training.

Professional equipment, conference systems and equipment. We offer the full range of professional technical equipment needed to equip halls and venues. Public address, microphones, presentation equipment, screens and projectors, interactive displays, video conferencing systems and professional conference discussion and translation systems. We work with a wide range of professional brands, offering the most optimal configurations.

You can also count on us to supply high quality conference chairs, upholstered and stackable banquet chairs; conference and banquet tables with folding legs; design and manufacture of conference and lecture chairs to order; presidiums, meeting and front tables; professional prefabricated mobile dance floors and prefabricated flooring for exhibitions and sporting events; prefabricated floors for marquees and outdoor events; top class seats and seat mechanisms for conference, theater, sports and multi-purpose halls; prefabricated mobile bars and spectacular desks; stage structures, stage equipment and stage sets; stage roof structures; mobile barrier systems with curtains or veils; free-standing mobile decorative partitions; tall stands for TV displays; delivery, installation and start-up of technical equipment (sound systems, microphones, presentation and video equipment, interactive voting systems, etc.); decorative rack-cabinets for mounting equipment; custom shockproof cases; professional services related to the organization and holding of various events (consultant specialist organizer, technical support, hostesses and assistants, professional filming, design, 3D visualizations, branding, etc.); complete design and consultation in the construction and equipment of meeting and conference rooms and centers.

The team

The Events-Ready team is made up of specialists and professionals with many years of experience who know how to listen and understand the needs of their clients and partners, providing uncompromising quality and original solutions in the preparation and implementation of each project. We have deep technical knowledge and experience, and you can count on us to realize the most suitable configuration of technique, equipment and services for your event or hall, eliminating additional and unnecessarily charged costs. Complete equipment of your halls and always professional individual solutions.