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High-quality AV Stumpfl conference room screens made in Austria

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Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани

Events-Ready Ltd. is an official representative of, the Austrian company AV Stumpfl, the world leader in the production of mobile screens and screens for fixed installation.
The company has proven itself on the European and global market with uncompromising quality and a number of innovative patents. AV Stumpfl guarantees the HIGHEST QUALITY and LONGEST LIFE of its projection screens. Designed and manufactured in Austria. Highest quality and durability. Lowest total costs. The best service and support. Mobile screens and installation projection screens! Because AV Stumpfl is a family-run business with a long-term strategy. AV Stumpfl’s mobile screens meet strict requirements that have been defined on the basis of 40 years of experience.
Beyond the technical expertise and special source materials, AV Stumpfl also developed their own machines for metal components and vinyl processing, as no machine available on the market met such operational requirements.

Applications: Where mobile projections screens go?

Presentations; Corporate buildings; Hotel halls; Customer events; Rental company

Concerts and shows; Mapping projections; Trade shows; Theaters and community centers

Educational centers; Schools and universities; Trainings of a different nature

Mobile cinema; HDAV presentations; Artistic applications

Events-Ready Ltd. is a direct importer of the highest class mobile screens, fixed and electric roll-up projection screens, offering the widest selection of models depending on the need of the specific task. Mobile and installation projection screens of the highest class!

The company offers the exceptional opportunity to design and fully equip conference, hotel and educational halls with professional presentation equipment, multimedia projectors and mobile and fixed projection screens.

Мобилни прожекционни екрани - AVStumpfl MOBILE PROJECTION

Mobile Projection Screens - AVStumpfl

Mobile projection screens Mobile, light and easy to transport. Lightweight. Quick Set Up and Breakdown. Long Lifetime.

Екрани с фиксирана рамка - AVStumpfl FIXED FRAME

Fixed Frame Projection Screens - AVStumpfl

Stylish and sleek design. High precision. Quick and safe installation. Long Lifetime. The best choice for your meeting room or home theater.

Навиващите се екрани - AVStumpfl ROLL UP

ROLL UP Projection Screens - AVStumpfl

High precision. Noiseless. Quick and safe Installation. Long Lifetime. Ultra flat case dimension.

Прожекционни екрани по поръчка - AVStumpfl CUSTOM MADE

Custom Made Projection Screens - AVStumpfl

Any Size. Any Aspect Ratio. Any Radius. Any Border. Anywhere. Whatever your requirements, we are ready to offer it to you.

Mobile Projection Screens - AVStumpfl

Mobile, lightweight and easy to transport. Quick to assemble and use. Long service life.
All AV STUMPFL mobile projection screens feature unsurpassed lifetime, lowest total cost of ownership and Austrian precision manufacturing.
5-year warranty included.
What is a mobile projection screen?
The solution for mobile projection, including the highest picture quality at the lowest operating costs. Option for the purchase with a “green screen” canvas.

Have you thought about a projection solution that is portable and can be assembled easily by one person? Our mobile projection screen is exactly what you are looking for.
In combination with modern multimedia projectors, these products are used to create large-scale, bright and contrasting pictures. Assembly of the screens is extremely fast, and they themselves can be used practically as often as needed, without any need for maintenance and additional costs.

The company has several lines of mobile projection screens. Browse the product lines below to find which system meets your requirements, or check out the possible applications for inspiration.
Our experienced specialist team will be happy to help if you have projects to discuss! We are available to assist.
Are you looking to find the best solution for your requirements? Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your projects and needs. We are ready to help you and find the best solution for you!

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани


Simplified, extremely robust large-scale mobile projection.

Monoblox® is the mobile projection screen of choice for the world’s leading rental companies that offer professional projection solutions. The lowest total cost of ownership, Austrian manufacturing precision, the best picture quality and ease of use are the key features of this professional product.

Monoblox® is available in various sizes up to 752 x 569 cm (24´8″ x 18´8″) in 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios.

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани


Best of both worlds

The new MonoClip projection screen combines all the advantages of our highly acclaimed Monoblox mobile projection screens with the added advantage of a full clean profile without studs and press snaps.


A complete solution for your event!

A unique set of high quality projection screen and drapery. Your solution for the overall finished look of your tomorrow’s event. With no legs visible on the screen or the wall for it.

We believe we offer a one-of-a-kind cool system that anyone can assemble themselves in just three minutes.

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани

VARIO® Screens

The classic mobile projection screen

Vario® is the original mobile screen featuring modular construction. When the company entered the mobile application screen market more than 40 years ago, Vario® was the product on which it built its reputation.

Precisely manufactured and almost timeless, this product is constantly improving and will keep its place in the international mobile application industry in the future, especially for custom sizes or long-term projects.

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани


Clean profile with no visible buttons!

Further developed from the original Vario product, the Varioclip® is the world’s first mobile projection screen to feature a clean profile with no visible screen clamping knobs. The tension of the projection canvas can be adjusted according to the ambient temperature with the best frame stability and accuracy. The VarioClip® surfaces are attached to the frame using the patented QuickClip hook technology, which makes working with the screen as simple as possible. Varioclip® is the most advanced modular mobile projection screen in the world. Designed and manufactured with 40 years of experience as a market leader, it can serve as a benchmark for high standards and manufacturing professionalism.

Adjustable legs for screens SHIFT Technology

Screen height adjustment technology SHIFT AT64-SHIFT & T32-SHIFT

The truly revolutionary SHIFT screen system legs make it possible to easily adjust a mobile projection screen‘s height, without having to disassemble it first. No extra measuring is needed to ensure the frame is level, due to a clearly marked height scale. The SHIFT screen system legs can be combined with all existing AV Stumpfl mobile screen systems. To adjust the screen height, one can start at the bottom of the scale and simply move the screen up to one‘s preferred position. The SHIFT leg will lock automatically. To move the frame further down, one can just use the locking mechanism for releasing the frame. It is now possible to assemble a complete mobile projection screen system and then to adjust its‘ height in a matter of minutes.
Save time AND save money with premium quality components made in Austria.

Fixed Frame Projection Screens- AVStumpfl

Stylish and sleek design. High precision. Quick and safe installation. Long Lifetime.

All AV STUMPFL fixed frame screens feature an extremely stylish design, unsurpassed lifetime, highest component precision and certified materials.

5-year warranty included.
What is fixed frame projection screens? A projection solution that enhances the image. Fixed-frame projection screens have similar roots as mobile projection screens from a technological point of view: a high-precision extruded aluminum frame that creates the basic structure and stretches the projection canvas perfectly. Fixed frame projection screens are optimized for perfect vision and easy safe permanent installation and depending on the application. The customer can choose between different materials and projection screens.

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани


The perfect frame.
Decoframe are high-quality and highly attractive fixed-frame projection screens that are available for any image format, both for professional and private applications. Decoframe gives an elegant and professional finish to your home theater, conference room or other permanent installation, leaving nothing to be desired. The unique mechanism for attaching the projection canvas with hooks guarantees homogeneous tension on the surface.

Decoframe projection screen screens can be produced in all possible aspect ratios.

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани


Purely the picture.
Have you considered an invisible projection screen? No Frames. No excess volume. Fullwhite® makes the picture float in space. This clean design product is very popular for hanging suspended screen applications and has many different mounting solutions. Multiple Fullwhite® projection screens can also be connected to create projection walls, cubes and volume elements. Fullwhite® projection screens can be produced in all possible aspect ratios.
Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани


The Highest contrast screens!
In an ideal world, you can easily control the lighting situation in your company‘s conference room, your living room or your beautiful home cinema. Dealing with the effect of ambient light sources can however be a little bit tricky sometimes. To help you enjoy the best image quality possible, our Decoframe Ambiance systems employ advanced surface material technology that uses a black grid structure, which leads to the projector‘s light being less impacted by ambient light sources and results in a visually stunning projector performance. DISTINCTIVE PICTURE DETAIL; HIGH BRIGHTNESS AND CLEAR CONTRAST; STUNNING 4K EXPERIENCE

Roll Up Projection Screens - AVStumpfl

High precision. Noiseless. Quick and safe Installation. Long Lifetime. Ultra flat case dimension.

All AV STUMPFL projection screens are time-proven with unsurpassed lifetime, highest precision components, certified materials and uncompromising quality.
5 year warranty included.

What is a Roll Up Projection Screen?
A screen that appears when needed and disappears when not in use.

Most people nowadays are familiar with Roll Up screens because such screens are installed in multiple places: what we call a Roll Up screen is a screen that is permanently installed, but the projection screen can automatically be hidden in the housing , when it is not necessary. Retractable canvas screens are usually mounted on or in the ceiling or wall structure and have three main drives: electric motors, a crank mechanism or a spring-loaded mechanism.

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани

INLINE Screens

One screen. Lots of options. European design and manufacture.

Inline® is the choice of European companies for the integration and installation of audio visual systems in Europe. The lowest installation costs, Austrian manufacturing precision, Ecotex certificate and fire resistance certificate, the best picture quality and the longest life are the key features of this innovative product.

Inline® can be produced in various sizes and in any aspect ratio. Optionally, it can be supplied with a black masking frame and different lengths of the upper black frame in order to precisely position the picture in different formats.

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани


Premium quality for perfect flatness.

Whether you are looking to create the perfect corporate installation or to upgrade your state of the art home cinema setup,
AV Stumpfl‘s INLINE tensioned screens combine a truly flat projection surface with ultra-durable components made in Austria.

INLINE tensioned screens are short throw compatible and are available with a great number of different screen surface
including a perforated screen for perfect sound in your home theater. Easy to install and built to withstand any challenge.

Мобилни и инсталационни прожекционни екрани

MAGNUM® Screens

Huge and uncompromising!!! European design and manufacture.

Magnum® is a series of projection screens that are the solution for various machine applications. High-precision integrated carbon fiber roles provide perfect auxiliary flat projection surfaces without bulky structural means. Large-scale but at the same time compact, the Austrian precision of production, a certified flame resistance picture, the best quality of this and a long life are the key features of this innovative product.

Magnum® can be known in sizes up to 900×675 cm and in any aspect ratio.

Custom Design Projection Screens - AVStumpfl (CUSTOM MADE)

Any Size. Any Aspect Ratio. Any Radius. Any Border. Anywhere.
Whatever your projection screen requirements are we are eager to work hard developing and manufacturing a perfect solution. No standard standardized.

What does a custom projection screen mean?
Looking for a projection screen that needs to meet some special requirements? Want an oversized screen, curved or irregular shape, extra wide bezel (or no bezel) and special mounting options? This is what we call a custom projection screen and we can offer it to you. This is a service that only we can perform, thanks to our cooperation with AVStumpfl partners. Borders don’t exist here.


Let the projection surround you.

Are you looking for something extraordinary? Our award winning mobile projection screens can be curved to virtually any radius. The light weight design derives from our mobile projection screen products which are in use at the world’s leading rental and staging companies. Vario Curve features the same slim design and easy setup with our unequaled quality. Change your way of projecting.


Just a (curved) picture floating in space!

Already familiar with curved projection screens, but looking for a more architecturally compatible solution that completely hides all the technology and bezels? Fullwhite Curve is a specially designed projection screen for applications with a demanding design.

Projection Screens With Eyelets

Projection screens for professional and truss constructions applications. Without limits!

Do you want to attach the projection canvas to an existing truss constructions? We have a fast, safe and cost-effective solution. Made from flame retardant materials that meet strict requirements and a unique canvas bonding process that creates virtually no visible seams, preventing us from creating truly large seamless screens.


The projection screen for EVERY application

What ways do you know of setting-up the projector in the correct position in front of the projection screen? Now there is definitely a new way to do it: A mounting solution for attaching the projector directly to the projection screen. Desertscreen is a development based on the Monoblox®64 product, featuring the same high-precision automatic joints and is available in a variety of standard sizes, but we are also able to offer you Desertscreen in your custom sizes. One or more projector stands can be attached directly to the projection screen, eliminating the need for a dedicated projector stand.


The modular solution for stage sets and stands for trade shows.

Do you want to replace wooden and painted structures? MULTIPANEL SCREEN is a sustainable system for building spectacular projection areas for trade shows and stage sets. All components are modular and can be used over and over again.

Proven technology based on the unique Fullwhite® system. This projection screen is well known around the world for its unique shape, robust design and precision manufacturing. This technology has proven over many years that even large-scale panels can be realized with unparalleled quality.


Giving shape to your unique ideas for a special projection!

If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance we can provide it. Until now, if someone wanted to use only a certain part of the surface of a rectangular projection screen, they had to use some kind of masking approach to create the shape they had in mind. AnyShape now offers an ingenious way to order a custom projection screen with a wide variety of different frame shapes straight from the factory!

REALIZED PROJECTS - Sale of conference equipment
Completely equipped halls in hotels, universities and conference centers

We present to you a small part of our completed projects.
✓ Our teams carry out a preliminary inspection and consultation, on site.
✓ We take over the overall organization of the delivery, installation and commissioning of the sold machinery and equipment.
✓ We perform precise initial setup and staff training.